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Rugby, 25.10.2017 - Quick, clean and safe

U-Tack from UZIN is a superior method of installing skirting compared to solvent-based adhesives. The double-sided multi-purpose adhesive tape allows you to install skirting, capping and coving easily, quickly and cleanly!

UZIN U-Tack is odourless and solvent-free so there is no explosion risk unlike some solvent-based adhesives.  Compared to solvent based adhesive UZIN U-Tack does not produce harmful emissions making it safer for you and your customers when using. It has been awarded EC1 Plus® certification providing the highest possible protection against emissions and guarantees excellent indoor air quality. The double-sided tape allows for clean working and does not leave any residues and streaks on the floor or wall. UZIN U-Tack does not become brittle, providing a secure and extremely durable bond. It is suitable for vinyl and linoleum floor covering strips, flexible skirting, capping and cove formers. Contact us for more information.