Cube It Simple - New Recyclable Packaging

Sustainability and the environment are two of the most important issues facing the construction industry as eco-friendly buildings become prevalent and the demand for ecological products increases. There is also a growing requirement to make sure projects meet the criteria for BREEAM and LEED certification. We have therefore innovated Cube It Simple recyclable packaging. The new cardboard packaging is an alternative to plastic bottles and is considerably better for the environment.

Does the packaging provide adequate protection?

The boxes have been designed for the construction industry & has been subject to rigorous testing. 

What products are now supplied in Cube It Simple packaging? 

5 products are now available. UZIN L3 Gold Moisture Control, UZIN L3 Gold System Primer & standard UZIN L3 Gold liquid. Plus UZIN PE 260 in 5 kg & 10 kg units.

Do the products meet BREEAM certification?

All the products are ammonia and latex free, making them ideal for use in sustainable projects or sensitive environments such as schools and hospitals.


85% less waste & 77% less CO2

Only the inner liner bag and cap is made from plastic, which can be returned and disposed of. The box is made from recycled cardboard which too can be recycled. This also saves flooring contractors the hassle of disposing large amounts of plastic containers.

The packaging allows much more efficient method of transporting as more units and weight can be put on a pallet. Therefore, as transportation is reduced a smaller amount of energy is exerted and less CO2 discharged. The production of the boxes is also much more energy efficient.

Secure and easy to use.

The new cardboard packaging is robust and offers secure protection for the transportation and handling of the products. The boxes can be easily accessed via an opening on the top of the packaging. The design of the cavity allows the screw cap to be moved and secured on the outside the box, from where the liquid can be poured.

Let's make a difference.

The environment is at the centre of our corporate philosophy and as we take our responsibility seriously we would like to share our knowledge of the Cube It Simple packaging with fellow manufacturers. We invite you to contact us, "together we can make a difference!"