SwitchTec products

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For floor coverings

Thanks to patented Sigan, the unique switchTec adhesive technology sets new standards in flooring technology. Only coverings bonded on Sigan can be guaranteed, even after many years, to be removed without leaving adhesive residues on the subfloor with no laborious, costly uplift and new construction.

Products: Sigan 1, Planus, Sigan 2, Sigan 3, Sigaway, SUPERtape 7900

For skirtings

With switchTec skirting tapes, coved skirtings and whipped carpet skirtings can be bonded clean and fast. Over many years, switchTec skirting tapes have proved their excellent brand quality and their high, ageing-resistant adhesion power.

Products: Contact, Bullran 45, Toptac 35, Contact 40, Pomur 46, Goman 50, Goman 90

For stair coverings

Around 70% of all pre-formed stair-coverings in Germany, Austria and Switzerland use the System nora covering and are bonded with Goman 240. Fast, clean and with no health risks for user or installer. For bonding nora rubber stair coverings, Freudenberg and SIFLOOR guarantee in system.

Product: Goman 240