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Eastchurch Scouts Hall

UZIN system used to refurbish Eastchurch Scouts Hall

  • Building Type: Commercial Construction
  • Pad: Low emission flooring installation
  • Solution: Ecological Installation , Fast-Track Installation Systems
  • Brand: UZIN
  • Country:

UZIN products were recently used to renovate 75 m2 of floor at Eastchurch Scouts Hall in Eastchurch, Sheerness. This was a challenging refurbishment because the existing floor had blown with a high damp reading. Comprehensive Coverings Ltd first removed the existing flooring and blown smoothing compound to find the subfloor was wet and covered in thick black adhesive. The old adhesive residue was then removed which revealed large cracks where the water was seeping through. Faced with such a difficult and complex task, the floor contractor turned to UZIN to ensure the installation was completed to the highest of standards.

Two coats of UZIN PE 480 damp proof membrane were first applied over the subfloor, before UZIN PE 280 primer was applied. A coat of UZIN NC 160  heavy duty smoothing compound was then installed and embedded with UZIN RR 201 reinforcement fleece.  The vinyl safety flooring was then installed with UZIN KE 2428 adhesive.  The customer was very pleased with the results as the floor was exceptionally well finished.