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Preston Primary School

UZIN system used to solve problems with the hall floor at Preston Primary School

  • Building Type: Commercial Construction
  • Pad: Low emission flooring installation
  • Solution: Ecological Installation , Fast-Track Installation Systems
  • Brand: UZIN
  • Country:

A UZIN flooring system was used to renovate approximately 70 square metres of flooring within the Hall at Preston Primary School in Canterbury.

The existing wood block flooring and screed had become loose and after testing revealed high levels of moisture. The flooring contractor, Comprehensive Coverings Ltd were appointed to resolve the problems and decided to use UZIN products to overcome the difficulties. When the flooring and screed was removed Comprehensive Coverings Ltd found that the depth of the sand and cement screed was not sufficient across half of the subfloor.


By utilising UZIN’s full product range and Pallman lacquers, Comprehensive Coverings Ltd was able to provide the school with a mutually compatible system. Firstly UZIN SC 960 rapid screed cement was used to build up the depth of the subfloor. UZIN PE 480 damp proof membrane was then as used to provide a barrier against the moisture. After the DPM was gritted with sand UZIN NC 160 heavy duty smoothing compound was installed.  Oak wood block was then installed with UZIN MK 95 wood adhesive before being finished with Pallmann lacquers including PALL-X 96. The school was very pleased with the new floor and will benefit from better durability.